Hospital History


1978 – 1989 – Start of the hospital – In 1978 the decision was made to build a new provincial hospital in Zamość.

Italian government assistance – Zamość Voivodeship authorities and hospital directors work to raise additional funds to complete construction
and hospital equipment.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs assessed the feasibility of implementing the draft hospital assistance program and in a letter from the
On 1 October 1991, it was announced that the grant for medical equipment and devices at the Zamość Provincial Hospital had finally been approved. The Italian Association for Solidarity between Nations – AISPO – Associazione Italiana per la Solidarieta tra i Popoli was the contractor for the relief tasks for the Italian government.

March 15, 1990 – The social foundation of the provincial hospital is registered. At the initiative of the foundation, a memorial plaque was made – a bas-relief with the image of the Pope and the name “Wojewódzki im. Pope John Paul II. In Zamość ”. Thanks to the efforts of the Honorary President of the Jan D’Zamoyski Foundation, the plaque, which is a symbol of the cornerstone of the hospital’s construction, was consecrated by the Holy Father John Paul II during his fourth pilgrimage to Poland.

On Lubaczów on June 3, 1991. An original document consecrating the Pope is signed in the archives of the provincial hospital. The record was officially unveiled on November 29, 1996. Patron – The director took the initiative for the hospital after Pope John Paul II. This name should be an expression of the commemoration of the society in the Zamość region of the first Polish pope in history and the recognition of his great contribution to the work for the homeland.

This initiative was supported by the church authorities in the community of Zamość. The culmination of the efforts was the adoption of the resolution of the Zamość Provincial National Council of 15 February 1990 to give the Zamość Provincial Hospital the name of Pope John Paul II.