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176-1024 / 1024 / Internet-based database for documentation and quality management of evidence-based drug information services in hospital pharmacies

GOP Information  
Organisation sharing the GOP
Related practices from PaSQ database
working group drug information (Ausschuss Arzneimittelinformation)
German hospital pharmacy society


Quality management system
Quality improvement project
Health IT
GOP Description
Implementation level
Clinical settings
drug information services in hospital pharmacies
to facilitate systematic drug information activities of clinical pharmacists and their evaluation
To promote patient safety by ensuring safe and economic use of drugs and knowledge translation into practice.
To actively share answers with all users nationwide
To spare time and personal ressources
clinical pharmacists providing drug information services in hospital pharmacies for nurses and medical doctors
in the end, the patients with their drug-therapy related problems

Starting from practical experience in a drug information unit, an internet-based database was launched in 2004 and relaunched in 2013 (Technical realization in a PHP-Framework „Symfony“ in Version 1.4.x). The process of drug information is reflected in this documentation tool. It helps aligning clinical pharmacist activities with a systematic approach for drug information:
1. Obtaining background information
2. Systematic evidence-based search of the literature (including latest print information and specialized databases)
3. Evaluation, analysis and synthesis of the data
4. Patient-individualized conclusion and response
5. Documentation and transfer of information

Nationwide sharing-level for actively sharing answers with all users

Evaluation module for statistical evaluation of the service (justification and focusing of resources)

A revision of national drug information guideline on drug information in hospital pharmacies was published:
Strobach D et al.: Arzneimittelinformation aus Krankenhausapotheken, Leitlinie der ADKA zur Qualitätssicherung. Krankenhauspharmazie 2014;35(6):230–7
Timeframe implementation
6-12 month in a hospital pharmacy
5-10 years nationwide
Implementation tools available
internet-based database, German language
Implementation cost
30 000.-€/year programming and project-management
2 month-time pharmacist/year
Method used to measure the results
The administrative module of the database can list the pharmacies using the database, the total amount of questions answered, the user email addresses for mailings and the amount of shared questions.
140 hospital pharmacies (19 Swiss, 3 Austrian, 118 German)
overall 60 000 documented answers
1000 users
152 shared answers
Analysis of the results
30% of German hospital pharmacies own the tool.
Implementation barriers
Did you find implementation barriers?
Please describe implementation barriers
clinical pharmacist time ressources
clinical pharmacist drug information expertise
Describe the strategies used to overcome the barriers (If needed)
workshops at national meetings
promoting drug information services by clinical pharmacists on national patient safety meetings
individual technical help
teaching drug information in several settings
Other information
Other information about the GOP that you would like to add (Link or attached document)
There is no specified text here
Contact information
Name: Cornelia Vetter-Kerkhoff
Position/function: Drug information specialist
Department: Working group on drug information
Organisation: ADKA National Organisation of hospital pharmacists
City: Munich
Country: Germany
Region: Bavaria
Phone: 01715178565
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