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  • Patient Safety and Quality of Care Good Practices

    • Patient Safety Practices (PSPs) - WP4

    • Good Organisational Practices (GOPs) – WP6

  • Patient Safety and Quality of Care Good Practices Search Interface

  • Safe Clinical Practices for Implementation (WP5)

    • Overview of SCP Implementation in PaSQ MS and participating HCOs

    • Work Package 5 Tool Boxes

      • WHO Surgical Safety Checklist

      • Medication Reconciliation

      • Hand Hygiene

      • Paediatric Early Warning Scores (PEWS)

      • Generic Implementation Tools

      • Methodology of collection of implementation tools

    • Requirements & Timeframe for HCOs

    • Monitoring and Assessment of WP5 Implementation Process

    • SCPs for Implementation: Webinars

  • GOP Questionnaires analysis

    • WP6 Questionnaire analysis Parts 1-2

    • WP 6 Questionnaire analysis Part 3

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PaSQ Interactive Platform for display of all Good Practices, and Exchange Mechanisms

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