PaSQ Newsletter No 6, September 2014

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Moving towards Permanent PaSQ Network


PaSQ network is demonstrating that knowledge exchange and mutual learning
via existing PaSQ tools are a credible
alternative to European standardization.

Therefore, PaSQ Joint Action is proposing to build on its experience, and introduce a permanent network to promote the culture of Patient Safety and Quality of Care across healthcare systems, following the respective Council Recommendation 2009/C 151/01.
PaSQ Knowledge Transfer (KT) tools would be further developed in order to focus on four key areas of:

  1. Patient and Public Involvement and Empowerment
  2. Implementation of selected Patient Safety Practices in clinical settings
  3. European peer review for Care Quality Improvement
  4. Rapid exchange mechanism of Patient Safety Incidents and Solutions: SEaL (Share, Exchange and Learn)


Further to Good Practices becoming public end January 2014, the Second Review Process of data gathered in February and March 2014 during the second round of data collection, was finalized end July 2014.

In September 2014, Good Practices meeting PaSQ quality criteria will be accessible to users from the PaSQ Home page through SEARCH PRACTICES
→ button.
This means that PaSQ database of Good Practices will now have:

  • the new 135 Patient Safety Practices on top of already existing 208 PSPs
  • the new 37 Good Organisational Practices further to already published 100 GOPs and
  • the existing 35 from Literature Review



Safe Clinical Practices (SCPs) are implemented in 211 Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) in 18 countries to ensure Patient Safety in relation to established procedures for following four themes: safe surgery (WHO Surgical Safety Checklist), medication safety (Medication Reconciliation), paediatric care (Paediatric Early Warning Scores), and medical activities (Multimodal intervention to increase hand hygiene compliance).
    Respective webinars are available through PaSQ web site.

    The assessment of the one year implementation is done via questionnaires: the baseline one from September 2013, and the end line questionnaire of September 2014. The report summarising the experiences of the participating HCOs will be completed, and disseminated by the Work Package 5 during the first quarter of 2015.


    Choose between forthcoming Information and discussion meetings, and register online via PaSQ Home

    So far 21 Exchange Events took place throughout Europe, continuing to be one of two key PaSQ mechanisms for
    Knowledge Transfer.

    • September 29 - 30, 2014: Making indicators work-experiences from different countries – Utrecht (The Netherlands)
    • October 2, 2014: Health and Social Care Priorities for Ireland – Learning with Europe – Dublin (Ireland)
    • December 12, 2014: Med Rec innovation from admission to discharge – Helmond (The Netherlands)

    PaSQ Exchange Event: Sharing Good Practices to improve Quality of Care and Patient Safety in the EU, held by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality - MSSSI on June 12th 2014, Madrid (Spain) gathered 300 participants from Europe and Latin America


    Register online, and join us on the
    PaSQ 4th Coordination Meeting on September 18 - 19th 2014 in Rome, Italy.
    It is open to public to further promote safe and high quality healthcare for all EU citizens.

    Among numerous themes, PaSQ Associated Partners, European Patients’ Forum – EPF and Spanish Avedis 
      Donabedian Foundation - FAD will present their findings on the content analysis of Good Organisational Practices (GOPs) regarding Patient Involvement and Empowerment gathered during the first round of data collection.

      Following PaSQ meetings will take place:

      Work Package 7 Meeting,
      December 2-3rd 2014,
      Bratislava (Slovakia)


      5th Coordination Meeting,
      March 12-13th 2015,
      Brussels (Belgium)

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