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News regarding Patient Safety and Quality of Care
Source Title Date
Source HOPE study visit on Assuring quality in the English NHS
29. - 30.10.2015.
Source  Austrian Network for Patient Safety 17. 09.2015.

ISCOME 2015 conference in Montecatini (Italy): “The Golden Bridge: Communication and Patient Safety”

15. – 16.06.2015.

Promoting patient safety and quality of care - the EU contribution to national actions


Improving Patient Safety of Hospital Care through Day Surgery (Roberto Gnesotto)

Patient Safety in the ICUs (Uwe Frank)

Improving patient safety and quality of care challenges from a European perspective (Walter Ricciardi)

Prevention of Hospital Infection by Intervention and Training (Walter Zingg)

Quality and Safety in Health Care Success on national and Benchmarking on EU level (Willem Van Harten)

European results of the DUQUE Project (Charles Bruneau)

ECDC contribution to control of (Dominique Monnet)

EURHOBOP EURopean HOspital Benchmarking by Outcomes in Acute Coronary Syndrome Processes (Jaume Marrugat)

Medication safety from EU Network for Patient Safety (EUNetPaS) to Joint Action on Patient Safety and Quality PaSQ (Pascal Garel)

A framework to guide and evaluate health policy and service interventions in improving patient handovers (Paul Barach)

Combatting antimicrobial resistance in paediatrics (Rebecca Lundin)

Policies and Programmes on Patient Safety (Anna Nergardh)

The healthcare professionals role (Jane Adam)

Patient Safety and Quality of Care examples of transparency and accountability (Kaisa Immonen)

Le Point (François-Pierre Malye and Jérôme Vincent)

The EU contribution to national actions (Marina Davoli)

Patient Safety and healthcare associated infections (Agnieszka Daval-Cichon)

02- 03.12.2014.
Source The new National Patient Safety Alerting System(NPSAS) 31.01.2014.
Source European Patient Safety Foundation (EUPSF)
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