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PaSQ Newsletter
No 1, October 2012

In this issue

Launch of the PaSQ and its website


The European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care, PaSQ was officially launched in May 2012 in Roskilde, Denmark in the presence of Ms.Astrid Krag, Danish Minister for Health.

PaSQ Joint Action (JA) is co-funded and supported by the European Commission within the Public Health Programme. It is building on European Union Network for Patient Safety (EUNetPaS)' experience and network to promote the organisation of Patient Safety (PS) and Quality of Care (QC) platforms in all European Member States (EU MS) to improve PS and QC through sharing of information, experiences and the implementation of good practices.

It will run for 36 months (April 1st 2012 - March 31st 2015) and will be performed through seven (7) Work Packages.

The WP4,5,6 Meeting was held in Madrid, Spain beginning October 2012.


The general objective is to contribute to PS and good QC by supporting the implementation of the Council Recommendation on PS through cooperation between EU MS, international organisations and EU stakeholders on issues related to quality of health care, including PS and patient involvement. This will be done by sharing knowledge, experience and good practices with each other, as well as examining their transferability. 


The main outcome of the JA will be the consolidation of the permanent network for PS in the EU (established under EUNetPaS) resulting from recognition of its added value.

A selection of good practices will be made, with a preference for those that are relevant for most MS. This voluntary exchange of experiences could lead to a peer review system for quality management systems in health care.


The primary targets of this project are EU MS representatives PaSQ National Contact Points (NCPs) and relevant stakeholders: health administrations, health care professionals, patient associations, healthcare organizations.

Indirectly, the entire EU population is a potential target; in particular those individuals who are in greatest need of medical care (women, children, the elderly and disabled). 

READ MORE on our recently launched website:


2nd Coordination Meeting
January 14-15, 2013
Berlin (Germany)

We value your opinion.

Striving to learn from one another across Europe.

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