List of Abbreviations

in alphabetical order

AP = Associated Partner
COM = European Commission, DG Sanco
CP = Collaborating Partner
CRMP = Clinical Risk Management Practice
EAHC = Executive Agency for Health and Consumers 
EB = Executive Board
EUNetPaS = European Union Network for Patient Safety
GOP = Good Organisational Practices
HAS = Haute Autorité de Santé 
HCO = Health Care Organisation
JA = Joint Action
MS = Member States
NCP = PaSQ National Contact Point
PaSQ = European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care 
PI = Patient Involvement
PS = Patient Safety
PSP = Patient Safety Practice
PSQCWG = Patient Safety and Quality of Care Working Group
QC = Quality of Care
QMS = Quality Management Systems
SC = Steering Committee
SCP = Safe Clinical Practices
WP = Work Package
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